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It is bewildering to witness the “goings-on” in Washington DC these days…partisan bickering, gridlock, inability to meet critical deadlines…the list goes on and on. It is definitely a time for a change. Sweeping change? Not highly likely, nor possible. But how about a slight change that is happening gradually as we speak. CPA’s are gaining a presence in Congress. After last November’s election, the CPA profession can claim to have twelve members roaming the halls of Congress. In the November 2012 election, our profession added two members to the House of Representatives, Tom Rice (R-South Carolina) and Patrick Murphy (D-Florida). They join eight Representatives who were re-elected to serve additional terms in their districts in Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, Minnesota, California and Ohio. In addition, there are two CPA’s serving terms in the Senate, Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin).

CPA’s are known for their ability to advocate for their clients, address difficult situations with solutions and compromise where needed with poise and dignity. These sound like traits that could be useful in Washington DC these days. Let us hope that our CPA Congressmen can brings those characteristics to the halls of Congress and infiltrate the toxic atmosphere that seems to reside on the Hill over the past few years.

Newly-elected Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy displayed an act of bi-partisanship recently when preparing to attend the President’s State of the Union address in February. He chose to sit with his newly-elected Republican colleague and fellow CPA Rep Tom Rice during the President’s speech. Having run on a pledge of bi-partisanship, he felt it important to stay true to his word and reach out to his friends across the aisle for the occasion. Additionally, many of his first votes have been in support of Republican bills that have advanced important budgetary and fiscal measures while also supporting common-sense Democratic amendments to take a balanced, bi-partisan approach to deficit reduction that would protect seniors, veterans, troops, and middle class families from devastating cuts.

Let us all hope that CPA’s can help make a difference in Washington DC.



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