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History & Philosophy

1969: J. Richard Barnard establishes Barnard Vogler & Co., leveraging his experience from a prominent accounting firm in northern California. The firm’s foundation reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and accounting expertise.

1970s-1980s: Barnard Vogler & Co. experiences steady growth under Mr. Barnard’s leadership, establishing itself as a reputable player in the Reno business community. The firm’s success prompts the acquisition of the practice of a local accountant, further expanding its presence.

2017: J. Richard Barnard, having actively contributed to the firm’s growth, retires as a CPA, leaving behind a legacy of entrepreneurial success and community engagement.

1998: Leslie Daane and Mike Davis become shareholders, assuming key roles in shaping the future leadership of the firm. Their vision includes maintaining a strong corporate culture and creating an environment that fosters employee retention.

2016: Teela McCullar, showcasing remarkable dedication and growth, becomes the youngest shareholder in the firm’s history. Her proactive approach and contributions set the stage for her future leadership role.

2022: Leslie Daane concludes her term as managing director but remains actively involved, focusing on expanding the estate/trust practice area.

2023: Teela McCullar, identified early on as Leslie’s successor, assumes the role of managing director, steering the firm into its next chapter of growth.

2023: Bill Saylor joins the leadership team as the newest shareholder, bringing additional expertise and contributing to the firm’s strategic direction.

Present: Barnard Vogler & Co. continues to evolve, embracing new technologies, investing in ongoing education, and refining skills to meet the dynamic needs of the community and clients. The firm remains deeply rooted in the community, actively supporting local organizations, and serving as a trusted partner, ally, and caring employer.


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