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As my mind is busy with other things in life, I thought I’d buzz through some of the week’s events I have found interesting. And as much as the royal baby is cute, I won’t spend any more time on that subject.

This week saw the American celebration of Cinco de Mayo (and yes, we are primarily the only ones celebrating). I personally didn’t get out and do anything this year, but I did read the obligatory articles explaining the real history of May 5, 1862. Kelly Phillips Erb (the “taxgirl”) over at Forbes had an interesting piece explaining the Battle of Puebla was really just a small victory for Mexico in the Franco-Mexican War. Like most wars, the Franco-Mexican War was about power, money and taxes. The government in Mexico at the time decided to default on European debt. Not surprisingly Britain, Spain and France sent armed “debt collectors” over to gather their money owed. Britain and Spain cut deals with Mexico and went on their way while France decided to stick around and exert its power. War broke out and on May 5, 1862, Mexico won a small, symbolic battle at Puebla de Los Angeles. France would eventually take Mexico City and occupy it for three years, but that small victory in Puebla has given American and Mexican beer companies a perfect excuse to sell more beer.

Moving on to Wednesday of this week (May 6, 2015), the long-awaited “Deflategate” report was released by Ted Wells, the NFL appointed attorney who investigated the allegations. The conclusion? It is more probable than not that two New England Patriot employees deliberately deflated game balls and that Tom Brady more likely than not knew about it. To this whole thing I say, “meh.” I find it irritating and stupid. The evidence seems to point to the footballs being intentionally deflated, but I don’t believe anyone will ever own up to it. Any member of the Patriots staff that participated in this (player, locker room personnel or otherwise) is an idiot, but the fact that the NFL didn’t more closely control game balls has always blown my mind about this story. So, we’ll soon find out what the NFL will do and this story will be added to the annals of cheating in sports.

Lastly, and more locally, the nonstop Reno-London flights that were set to start in December have been canceled. I probably wasn’t going to hoping on that flight any time soon, but I liked the idea of international travel coming into Reno. A Thomas Cook Airline spokesperson said that processing time at customs was unacceptable. Bummer. Maybe the processing time will get better in the future and we’ll see this flight finally land in Reno.



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