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Naps During the Work Day Equal Increased Productivity


Now that we are in the thick of tax season, I have to say…I’m tired. No, not of work. I’m physically and mentally tired, mainly because I don’t get enough sleep during the night. Longer work days and longer work weeks have made my available sleep time appear to diminish. (Oh, and let’s not get started about daylight saving time; I’ve been cursing it all week. I do like sun in the evenings, though.) In order to combat diminishing sleep time, I think we need naps during the work day.

How does that sound? Twenty minutes or so during the day in a quiet, dark room. You wake up feeling refreshed and productivity increases. That is a winning combination. It seems like a cost effective and easy solution to get better and more work out of everyone. The trick is to convince those in charge that naps really are a good thing. Oh, yeah, and have a room (or a pod) where you can nap.

This whole idea isn’t a joke, either. I constantly hear and read stories about Americans being perpetually tired. In the USA Today article linked above, health experts are quoted as saying “worker fatigue is an epidemic that is weighing on workers’ health and productivity.” It only makes sense that a constant lack of sleep would take its toll and a recent study is showing that sleeping insufficient hours can lead to eating more and weight gain. Take the study for what it’s worth, but getting more sleep at night sounds like the right thing to do.

Where does that leave my argument now? I just said that getting more sleep at night is the right thing to do after previously arguing for naps during the work day. I would have to say, ultimately, becoming better rested and finding more time to sleep is up to me (the individual). While I surely wouldn’t mind a chance to nap once in a while, I really should focus on getting to bed earlier and at a consistent time. We should all shut down those electronic devices earlier (TV included) and turn off the lights. So, for now, I’ll work harder at taking care of myself, but to all those in charge reading this: naps during the work day equal increased productivity.



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