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Incorrect 1095-A Forms and Enrollment Extension


It was announced on Friday, February 20, 2015 that approximately 800,000 people received incorrect 1095-A forms. The 1095-A forms are used to report the premiums and tax credits for taxpayers who signed up for discounted health insurance coverage through the HealthCare.Gov Marketplace. This error affects up to 20% of the statements sent by the federal insurance website. The error was due to a coding issue in a calculation that included the local premium data for 2015, instead of the information for 2014.

The government is notifying those who received an incorrect statement. If your form is incorrect, you should get a call and an email from the Marketplace. There will also be a message in your Marketplace account on When your corrected form is ready, you will be notified. The corrected forms are supposed to be issued in early March. If you received an incorrect 1095-A, you should wait to file your tax return until you receive the corrected form. If you already filed your taxes with the incorrect information you will need to amend you return.

Along with the announcement of the error, came an extension period to sign up for health insurance through the Marketplace. The original enrollment period began November 15th and ended February 15th. The extension will allow enrollment starting March 15th to buy coverage if they attest that they learned of the penalty of not having insurance when they filed their 2014 tax return. The additional enrollment period will go until the end of April. These individuals will still have to pay a penalty for being uninsured in 2014, and a partial penalty for the time they were uninsured in 2015, but they would avoid the penalty of being uncovered for all of 2015.



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