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Cutting the Cord


Since we moved back in September, my wife and I have dropped cable television and have gone the cord cutting route of using various streaming services. I’m happy to report that we’re very satisfied with the choice. It’s not a perfect alternative, but I do enjoy knowing I’m not shelling out $150 a month for a bundle of TV and internet services.

We still have our internet through Charter and I’ve been happy with them on that front. We then use Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu as our main streaming services. While each of these services does have a cost, the ability to play shows when we want is amazing. The bonus of watching these shows commercial free is almost even more amazing. (Don’t’ get me started on Hulu Plus, however, which still makes us watch commercials even though we pay them a monthly fee!) We’ve also been watching live television the old fashioned way by hooking up an antenna. Even though you still have to play the game of moving the antenna around to find the best signal, this has been a perfectly acceptable way to watch shows and the news.

With all these options available, I see very few reasons for us to go back to paying for an all our nothing TV subscription. I think cable and satellite providers are starting to see this point of view as the newly launched Dish-owned service Sling TV has the slogan: “Take Back TV.” This service is $20 per month and provides streaming of live TV. You get the most popular channels like ESPN, Food Network, TBS and they just added AMC to the mix (hooray, we can finally be up to date on The Walking Dead). We haven’t jumped on board with this service yet, but I’m glad to see someone finally offering a more a la carte approach to TV viewing. Also, HBO finally announced their upcoming streaming service will be $15 per month. I’m enjoying all this choice in the “cable free” world.

So, if you’re still paying for cable or satellite TV in one of those fancy packages where you have to call every year or two to get the best price, consider cutting the cord and trying out the world of on demand streaming. I think you’ll like it.







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