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The Power of the Purse continues to grow

It has been known for quite some time that women make up most of the purchasing decision power in households but their increasing presence in the workforce is becoming nearly as significant. According to a recent post by XYZ University, these are a few of their interesting statistics:

Even from only 10 years ago, these are huge changes and these trends do not show any indication of reversing. This impacts today’s businesses in two major areas: employees and customers.

Having more female employees brings new skills as well as challenges to the table. Many studies have shown that women tend to have a management style that is more consensual and inclusive which can be an advantage with today’s increasing social and crowd sourcing business methods. Also with more women working, maternity leave and child care, for example, will become bigger issues that companies must face and deal with. Further with more women in leadership roles, more men will take on more responsibilities at home leaving them less willing to sacrifice family for work.

As more women take on leadership roles and more men take on larger family roles, the change in these gender roles may change who has been the dominant purchasing power of households. Additionally, the upwardly mobile urban single woman may become a significant customer in areas of serious investments such as homes and travel.



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