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What I Learned in School Today (OK, it’s actually in Leadership this Year)

I am excited to share what I have learned from participating in the 2012 Leadership Reno Sparks Program. I have really enjoyed the experience and learned so much about our community.

Leadership Reno-Sparks is a year-long program consisting of 12 workshops throughout the year where the participants are exposed to different segments of our community – such as the role of government, law enforcement, education, health care, media, art, history and the economy. Each workshop broadened my perspective on the Reno/Sparks area by giving me exposure to community issues and access to community leaders. I felt that I walked away from every session having learned something new.

In addition to the workshops, the class develops a community project. The class is responsible for both fundraising and the physical completion of the project within a specified time frame. This year’s project was a renovation of the Sparks Senior Citizen Center. Getting 37 people to agree on something is an interesting and challenging but rewarding process! The project was completed in late August of this year, and the results were nothing short of amazing.

If you are new to the Reno area or just want to learn more about our community, Leadership Reno Sparks is a truly worthwhile and enjoyable program. Besides learning so much about our community, you will learn about others who are aspiring leaders within their respective professions or companies and gain wonderful, long lasting relationships!

For more information on this worthwhile program, please contact the Reno-Sparks-Northern Nevada Chamber of Commerce at or (775) 636-9550.


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