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A Reno Renaissance: Neighborhoods, Nevada Opera, The Biggest Little City Campaign


There are so many good things going on in Reno right now, and you don’t have to look far to find them!

When you ask the question, What makes a neighborhood great?, the answers include “It’s always a bunch of individuals coming in who think the potential for their community is bigger.” And “A great neighborhood usually evolves organically with its residents.”

MIDTOWN is a prime example of this. Check out the latest edition of Reno Magazine’s profiles of 17 Midtown pioneers who invested in Midtown, whether 17 years ago or six months ago and are fueling its renaissance. This group believes and is totally invested in “Buying Local” and caring about local business.

Sam Sprague, Micano Home and Garden: “When people starting thinking about buying locally, it will help Reno out so much – that’s when the sidewalks will change, the economy will change, the money will be going back into our community.”

Christian and Kasey Christensen, SÜP Restaurant: “The couple envisions Midtown as a spot reminiscent of San Diego’s Gaslamp District with its destination feel and dense population of businesses.”

Bernie and Tim Carter, Carter Bros Ace Hardware: “What Midtown has developed into is a philosophy: To develop that old-town center core in Reno,” Bernie describes. “That’s why we’re involved with mom-and-pop type stores.”

Next project up for the Carter Brothers…the historic, 81 year old, former downtown Reno post office designed by famed architect Frederic DeLongchamps. Can’t wait to see that one!

Arthur Farley, Brasserie St. James: “…all my favorite neighborhoods aren’t downtown, they’re right at the edge of downtown.”

Other Midtown owners and businesses include Hillary Schieve, Plato’s Closet & Clothes Mentor; T. Duncan Mitchell, Chapel Tavern; Eloy and Rachel Jara, Midtown Wine Bar; Eric and Monique Baron, The Melting Pot; Esther Dunaway, PolyEsthers; Christopher Costa, Reno Public House; Peter Burge and Laura Conrow, Wedge-A Cheese Shop; Tammy Borde, Chocolate Walrus; and Amber Solorzano, The Creative Coalition of Midtown.

What makes a great neighborhood? Just ask the Midtown folks.

And while you are reading through Reno Magazine catch the interview with Monica Harte, General Director of the Nevada Opera Association. Monica is bringing a fresh new perspective to Nevada Opera with a goal of introducing opera to new audiences in our community while maintaining exceptional productions for seasoned opera fans. I’m now one of those new to the opera fans!

Finally, if you haven’t heard the new bustle about town, check out the Biggest Little City Campaign. This is another grassroots project that’s all about showing the good things in our community. Go to their website and read stories of why people live in Reno. Share your story. What’s your Big…and Little?

So what’s happening in Reno? Plenty to be proud of. Pioneers are paving the way. Jump on board.





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