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Oh Thank Heaven, the IRS and 7-Eleven?

When I think of 7-Eleven I think of Slurpees. When I think of the IRS, well, I don’t think of Slurpees. Now, thanks to a partnership between the IRS, ACI WorldWide’s and the PayNearMe Company, we can all pay our taxes at over 7,000 7-Eleven stores throughout the USA and pick up that Slurpee while we’re there. The bonus here is no bank account or credit cards are needed as you can now pay in cash. The IRS can now literally nickel and dime us (though I’m not sure the 7-Eleven will be so happy with all that change).

“We continue to look for new ways to provide services for our taxpayers. Taxpayers have many options to pay their tax bills by direct debit, a check or a credit card, but this provides a new way for people who can only pay their taxes in cash without having to travel to an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said in statement released on Wednesday.

Individuals who want to use this payment option should head to payments page and click on the “Cash” hyperlink in the “Other Ways You Can Pay” section. There are a few things to be aware of to make sure you can pay your entire tax bill and that you pay on time. First, the payment limit per day is $1,000 and there is a $3.99 fee per payment. Second, the payment may take a few days to post to your account, so make sure you pay before the tax deadline in order to ensure the payment is received timely. Also, make sure you’ve initiated this payment online as you can’t just walk into a 7-Eleven without a payment code. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be too much to this process and remember – don’t drink that Slurpee to fast or you’ll get a brain freeze.



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