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Drones – embrace them or run away?


Drones have been in the headlines here in Northern Nevada as we compete to be a player in their research and manufacture. Sensational headlines are appearing on how drones will revolutionize the delivery of packages. But for all the excitement, I for one am lamenting the day these become more ubiquitous.

The home is supposed to be the one place in a person’s life for solitude. Well that and getting to the outdoors. I can already envision a future where people’s drones are intruding on my private time at home while flying overhead or when I’m out hiking in the mountains and get to hear the whine of a drone overhead from somebody wanting a picture.

The only practical personal application I can see is that of taking pictures. But aren’t we taking enough pictures already now that everyone has a camera phone in their pocket? I do see some worthwhile business applications for drones. I see their usefulness in assessing damage after natural disasters, with military applications or helping farmers monitor their crops. However, I can never see a day where drones are economical in delivering the millions of packages that are delivered each day. And if they do find an economical way I don’t look forward to that day when hundreds are buzzing in the sky each day for me to dodge while delivering packages to their various destinations. Today it is hard enough just walking down the street dodging people immersed in their cell phone.

So while we develop drones and more people use them I think there are going to be more knuckleheaded people landing their drones on the White House lawn or taking pictures of some strangers lounging in their backyard or buzzing overhead while I’m checking out Yosemite. But if this is the future then at least Nevada should be at the forefront.



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