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Barnard Vogler and Company

EST. 1969

Richard “Dick” Barnard wasn’t new to the accounting industry when he opened Barnard

Vogler and Company in 1969. He had previously worked with a large accounting firm in

northern California before moving to Reno to raise his family in the 60s. Shortly

thereafter he was given the opportunity to purchase a local accountant’s business and

Barnard Vogler and Company was formed. Leslie Daane and Mike Davis became

shareholders for the company in 1998 creating a succession pathway. After retiring as a

CPA in 2017, Dick handed the reigns to Leslie who now serves as managing director.

She is supported in those efforts by Mike and director Teela McCullar. Leslie’s focus is

to bring her team along with her as they work to better serve the community. The team

is growing and Leslie has put a focus on embracing new technologies, education and



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