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To Unplug or Not?


As I get ready to head off on vacation, I ran across a couple of articles on CFOs taking more working vacations. Robert Half Management Resources performed a study as to how often CFOs check in with the office during summer vacation. The percentage of time is increasing from their responses in 2012. It’s so easy now with everyone being so plugged in. Only 32% don’t anticipate checking in at all.

Robert Half Management Resources offers suggestions for allowing yourself to get away:

I’m a bit of an “all in or all out” person. When I’m in town I’m tied to my work. Some call me a workaholic. However, when I’m gone, I’m usually “gone.” Why? Because I do trust my team to take care of things. Our firm involves other staff in client relationships so that they can handle matters when the key contact person is out. I don’t worry when I’m gone.

We promote work-life balance because it’s meaningful to the Millennials, but we all need an opportunity to take some time to recharge. Sure, we may pay for it by putting in extra time before we leave and then on our return. But I do believe it is important to recharge. Your perspective is much better when you’ve had a chance to clear your mind and enjoy some personal relationship time.

I’m heading off to spend some quality travel time with my future daughter-in-law. One to one time. How often will that opportunity happen?

So, even as I feel guilty about taking off, it won’t last long. Until I return.



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