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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes! How Much Do You Really Pay Each Year?


Have you ever wondered just how much you pay in taxes over a year? Not just big tax items like income and property taxes, but even the taxes on the gas you pump into your car to the taxes on your utility bill?

Maybe you haven’t because you’re not obsessed with taxes like us CPAs, but if you are curious, the American Institute of CPAs has come out with a nifty tax calculator that is designed to give U.S. taxpayers a complete picture of their estimated total federal, state, and local tax obligation.

To give you fair warning, you will not be able to just plug in a few numbers and get your calculation.  For the calculation to be accurate, you will need your prior year’s tax return, your estimated income, and a good idea of what you spend a month on expenses like gasoline, cable, cell phone, electric and gas, alcohol, clothing, etc. With just a click of the button you will be provided with a total estimated annual tax liability and exactly what percentage of your income is paid over to the taxing authorities.  If you have a moment – check it out; the results just might shock you!

The calculator is also available on our website –, in the resources/links section.


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