Business Consulting

In today’s competitive climate, the success and growth of your business depends on having knowledgeable and skilled professionals to provide you with strategic financial advice and guidance.

Barnard Vogler & Co. offers a variety of consulting services to assist businesses with their financial management and accounting system needs, including the following:

Controllership services, “CFO While You Grow”

Our “CFO While You Grow” program offers custom financial options designed to allow your growing business to take advantage of a wide range of sophisticated financial services that can help you move ahead without having to hire a full-time CFO or Controller. We pride ourselves in meeting all your financial needs, temporary or permanent, by providing an array of strategic business and financial services. Such services include the development of accounting policies and procedures; internal accounting and bookkeeping functions, including payroll processing, or supervision of existing accounting personnel; and assistance with the preparation of budgets and other reports for management.

Staffing of accounting and financial personnel

We can help in formulating job descriptions based on what elements are essential and desirable for your business. Then, we assist in the hiring process, whether that involves placing ads and interviewing candidates or evaluating candidates after you have screened them. Lastly, we can help in the training process so that the transition of the new hires is smooth and efficient.

Accounting software selection and implementation

Our professionals can help you find the software that is most fitting for your type of business and for the personnel who will be using it. We also can assist with the software installation, and implementation and training.

Business transition/succession planning

Whether you are looking to sell or merge your company, acquire a business, or begin transferring ownership of your company to family members, partners or employees, we are the ones to turn to for help in structuring the plan. The Directors of Barnard Vogler & Co. have extensive business and tax consulting experience in the planning of sales, acquisitions and transferring of ownership companies.

Business financing

We regularly work with banks and other lenders in assisting clients in obtaining financing for their business needs. In dealing with these lenders, we help create the lending package that has the desired results and that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Forecasts and projections

Forecasts and projections are prospective financial statements that reflect conditions that are expected to occur. The difference is that forecasts are based on the courses of action a company expects to take, whereas projections are based on hypothetical courses of action, i.e. in “what if” situations. Our accounting professionals can help you prepare forecasts, whether they are needed for internal cash management purposes, for presentation to a lender, or for use in the sale of all of or an interest in your business. We also can assist with the preparation of projections, based on one or more potential scenarios, for presenting different options for introducing a new product line, developing or acquiring real estate, etc., or for even deciding whether or not to go forward with a proposed plan.