RIO Management, Inc. (dba Burger King)

While it is difficult to believe, this year marks 35 years that we have been a client of BVCo. It just doesn’t seem that long ago that we met with Dick Barnard to map out the approach we would take with our new business.

Barnard Vogler and Co. has been an important factor in the long term success and growth of our company and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your stewardship through the years. The accuracy of the financial statements, the pre-emptive tax advice and your ability to act as our liaison with the IRS have all been assets that have enabled us to keep our eye on effectively running our operations. Now, as we enter the process of reducing our holdings, BVCo. continues to play an important role. We have relied heavily on your expert advice during our relationship and do not think we would have been as successful without the guidance provided by your firm.

Thanks again, Mike Davis, for your guidance and friendship over the years and we look forward to continuing to work with the firm for years to come.

Donald K. White
President, RIO Management, Inc.
A Franchisee of the Burger King Corporation

Financial Horizons Credit Union

The staff at Barnard Vogler & Co. is an absolute pleasure to work with. Their knowledge and professionalism is always present, and, they have served Financial Horizons Credit Union as our CPA since 1986. During this time, they have not only offered their expertise when completing our annual CPA audit, but they are great support during the entire year when the need arises.

With all of the new regulations and compliance requirements, we feel fortunate to have Barnard Vogler on our team, and are very pleased with the service we have received from their firm for over 25 years. I can’t imagine using anyone else with the quality of service they provide our business.

Barbara Reuter

Gyford Stand Off Systems

When we moved to Reno in 1988 we did not know anyone. We were given Barnard Vogler & Co.’s name to help us with opening our business. From the beginning, BVCo. has given us the support and direction we needed to set up and run our accounting department.  Kam Chan, our CPA, is always available to answer our questions, no matter how trivial they may appear.  Barnard Vogler’s dedication and support have brought us from a company of 2 employees to 40 employees. After 23 years of great business, we would not go anywhere else and would recommend them to anyone no matter how small or large.

Valerie Gyford

Pho Restaurant

When I moved to Reno four years ago, I had no clue where to start.  I had just bought a restaurant and was unclear about the accounting aspects of the business.  You could call it luck that I found Barnard Vogler & Co.  During my search for an accountant, I found a large ad in the yellow pages that captivated my interest.  I started doing some more research on the company.  I found so much positive feedback about the company, the decision was easy to make.  My first year was the hardest for me.  Not only did I have to build, manage and maintain a new business, but I had to do it all by myself.  Kam and the staff at Barnard Vogler & Co. made it as easy as they could for me to keep my finances in order.If you’re a driven individual who is too busy worrying about the day to day operations of your business and not too knowledgeable about the accounting/tax side of the business then Barnard Vogler & Co. is perfect for you.I remember the second year into my business.  The anniversary of my restaurant is mid September.  My birthday is also mid September.  I was caught up with my second anniversary and a birthday cruise my girlfriend had planned a few months earlier.  I had forgotten about my quarterly taxes.  The day before I was supposed to leave, Kam sent me an email to remind me about the deadline.  I was flustered about the news, but Kam told me she was going to work on it and get back to me.  Before I left for the airport, Kam gave me a call and told me to stop by the office.  She had everything ready for me to sign.  All I had to do was to write a check.  It’s that kind of peace of mind that allowed me to enjoy my vacation.  Still to this day, I can’t seem to thank Kam enough for how many times she has saved me from missing deadlines.

I’ve been with Barnard Vogler & Co. for about four years now, and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

Dat Vong
Pho Restaurant

 Tripp Enterprises, Inc.

Sixty years ago Tripp Plastics began as a two-man, plastic fabrication business. As our growth began, we realized we needed a reliable CPA firm capable and willing to expand to help us grow.Tripp Enterprises hired Barnard, Vogler & Co. With their accounting supervision, we have grown to a 200,000 square foot, international business with up to 275 employees.

The fact that we have also created five additional companies has certainly added more complexity to our business requirements.Barnard, Vogler & Co. has grown with us. They provide us with thorough support and answers to any questions we have in their field. I feel very strongly that their consistent, immediate response to us has created a strong bond between our companies. They have been instrumental in our success

Warren W. Tripp
President/ CEO
Tripp Enterprises, Inc.