History & Philosophy

Barnard Vogler & Co. was founded in 1969 by J. Richard Barnard. Dick had worked for a large accounting firm in northern California, but moved to Reno to raise his family. He liked Reno’s small-town feel, and also felt it had great economic promise.  After three years of working for a sole practitioner, Dick had the opportunity to buy the practice of another local accountant. Dick’s entrepreneurial spirit and accounting acumen enabled him to establish a successful business. In the following years, the firm continued to grow, acquiring the Reno office of a national firm, and further cemented its relationships in the community.

In 1998, Leslie Daane and Mike Davis became directors, creating the future leadership of the firm.  As Managing Director, Leslie brings consensus leadership to Barnard Vogler & Co.  She is known for having an ability to “bring others along” as the firm moves into the future.  This works well in a firm known for being a tight knit family.  It also helps as BVCo. continues to venture into new territory.

As a company, we believe having well-defined goals and standards is essential for both companies and individuals.  In a rapidly changing world, we have dedicated ourselves to the personal success of our employees, our clients and our community. We do so by applying the latest advances in technology, the highest levels of professionalism and respect, and the highest quality service.