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The Loss of a Loved One

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Having just lost my mother this year, there were many lessons I learned. My mother did not have much in assets when she passed away but she did get a will prepared several years ago. I would strongly encourage that you make sure your parents have a will or trust in place and that you are informed as to their intentions. This can sometimes be ...

Taxes on the Mind

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It may not be the first thing on everyone’s mind as we head in to the holiday season but for your local CPA, taxes are certainly on the mind. Year end tax planning is always a good idea for a proactive business owner or individual but this year it may be even more important than ever with tax reform coming down the pipeline. You can’t open a ...

Getting a Head Start on 2017 (taxes that is!)

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It’s only November but there’s still time to make the filing of your 2017 tax return less taxing in 2018. Withholding and Estimated Taxes. Make sure enough taxes are withheld to avoid surprises at tax time. Generally taxes are withheld from wages and other income such as pensions, bonuses, commissions and gambling winnings. Taxpayers with int...