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Got spare change? You too, can have an investment account

29/10/15 8:29 am | Comments (0) | Posted By:

A month or so ago, while on Facebook a sponsored ad came up on my news feed for Acorns, an investment app that allows you to open an account via your smartphone and in essence, invests your spare change.I was curious so clicked on it and was introduced to a whole new world of robo investing applications that I apparently had missed hearing about...

An Eventful Couple of Weeks for Tesla

22/10/15 10:53 am | Comments (0) | Posted By:

  The past couple of weeks have produced some interesting headlines for Tesla, with headlines from the last couple of days even driving the price of Tesla’s stock down. On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, Consumer Reports released results from its Annual Auto Reliability Survey which forecasted Tesla’s Model S as likely to have a worse-than-average...

Year-End Tax Planning – Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

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Now is the time to think about year-end tax planning strategies. While no significant change in tax rates is expected for 2016, there are still year-shifting maneuvers that could be employed if you expect to be in either a higher or lower tax bracket for 2016. For instance, if you anticipate being in a lower tax bracket next year, you should ...