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Must we experience a full-blow crisis before we act?

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In a study done last year, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office disclosed that the total amount of federal debt held by the public equaled 74% of the gross domestic product. While it represents one of the highest levels in history, the CBO projects that, if the current laws remain unchanged, the publicly-held federal debt would exceed 100...

No time to rest on your laurels…

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  Many people think that tax season is over until next year, but in reality taxes and accounting need to be year long processes and continually addressed throughout. Having your accounting processes and procedures in place during the summer months and into next year helps reduce the stress and expense of trying to accomplish everything...

Tax Season Haikus

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Blossoms everywhere

Tax deadline will soon be here

Two more weeks then sleep


Tax deadline is near

Pink and white blossoms abound

It’s cold; spring is here