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Tax Extenders – Which Ones? And When?

18/11/14 1:20 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By:

  There are 55 tax provisions, also know as “extenders” that expired at the end of 2013. In a letter from the Internal Revenue Commissioner sent to the United States Congress, members of the tax writing committees stated that if Congress waits until 2015 to enact tax law changes affecting the tax year 2014, there may be a delay in the opening...

The Affordable Care Act – The Individual Mandate in Effect

13/11/14 11:19 am | Comments (0) | Posted By:

  Whether you were for or against health care reform, there is no denying that the recently implemented Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) is something that will affect you during the coming tax season. Even if you have been insured during the entire year, the IRS will require that you provide proof of insurance during your tax prepa...

Credit or Cash?

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  Companies having their data hacked seems to be a common occurrence these days. This is causing credit card companies to issue new cards every few months, or at least it feels like it happens this often. This has me thinking that maybe using cash more frequently may be a good idea. There are times when using a credit card can be beneficial; ...