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The Taxpayer Bill of Rights

23/10/14 8:00 am | Comments (0) | Posted By:

  On June 10, 2014, the IRS implemented the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. In an effort to make it easier for taxpayers to understand and access their rights when dealing with the IRS, this Taxpayer Bill of Rights arranges the numerous existing rights established in the Internal Revenue Code into ten basic rights. These rights include:

  1. The righ...

A Quick Overview on Publicly Traded Partnerships

17/10/14 4:59 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By:

  In today’s low yield environment, where a five year CD yields 1.5%, publicly traded partnerships (PTPs) have been proliferating. These are companies, usually associated with oil and gas, that are required to distribute their “distributable cash flow” and avoid the double taxation that is inherent to corporations. They usually have yields in...

Possible Changes to Sales Tax

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  Pending federal legislation allowing states to tax internet sales could potentially means big changes for retailers in the way they process and account for their sales and use taxes. Of course, the International Council of Shopping Centers states “this bill signals that leveling the playing field for all retailers is a top priority for Cong...