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When non-taxable muni bond interest is taxable – how to avoid a big tax bill

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  The advantages of tax-free interest. Many of you invest in muni bonds as a tax planning strategy to minimize taxes. When you analyze this investment, you probably compute the interest, tax effect this income, and then compare it to a taxable investment with a similar risk profile. Most individuals are cash-basis taxpayers, reporting inco...

Adding Children to Joint Bank Accounts – A Do or a Don’t?

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  In an interesting recent article “Your Clients and Their Children: The Problems With Joint Bank Accounts” by Andrew Rice there is a recurring question that pops up during elder and estate planning: should I add my child to my bank account? When a senior begins to lose their ability to manage their finances like paying the bills, these accou...

Technology and Transparency in Government

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  The Government Finance Officers Association held its annual conference in San Francisco this past week. Edwin Lee, the mayor of San Francisco opened the conference speaking about transparency in government including sharing data with innovative businesses that develop mobile applications that can be utilized by everyone. In San Francisco...