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The CPA…Your Trusted Advisor…And Congressional Representative

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  It is bewildering to witness the "goings-on" in Washington DC these days…partisan bickering, gridlock, inability to meet critical deadlines…the list goes on and on. It is definitely a time for a change. Sweeping change? Not highly likely, nor possible. But how about a slight change that is happening gradually as we speak. CPA's are gaining ...

Frustrated with receiving your Form K-1′s late?

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  The American Institute of CPA's has long recognized the problem of the late receipt of Form K-1's for many taxpayers and their return preparers. On February 28, 2013, legislation was introduced in the 113th Congress that was suggested by the AICPA to address this. As drafted the original tax return due dates would change as follows:


Naps During the Work Day Equal Increased Productivity

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  Now that we are in the thick of tax season, I have to say...I'm tired. No, not of work. I'm physically and mentally tired, mainly because I don't get enough sleep during the night. Longer work days and longer work weeks have made my available sleep time appear to diminish. (Oh, and let's not get started about daylight saving time; I've been...

North Dakota envy – jobs envy

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For the first time in history I have become slightly envious of North Dakota. Why would I be envious of a state that is so cold you have to plug in your car battery during winter nights? I’m envious because of their hot economy where unemployment is only 3.2%, not in the double digits as in Nevada. Their low unemployment rate mainly stems from h...